Thursday, October 18, 2018

What's up at the Library?

     Clear Lake City Library is offering Library School for preschool children again this year.  The children have been learning good reader rules as well as completing a top ten list of things you should never, never, ever, ever do with a library book.  Library school will meet Monday, November 12th from 1:30 to 2:30 and then we will take a break until after the Christmas season and resume January 14, 2019.  Library School is generally held the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month from 1:30 to 2:30pm.  Preschool children from three years and up are welcome.  Children will learn about the library as well as listening to stories and completing art activities that help to strengthen cutting and writing skills.  Children also receive a packet preschool activities to do at home. If you are interested in having your child participate, please stop in to the library and pick up a schedule, or call the library at 874-2013.  You do not need to register and the program is free to all children. 
     The Clear Lake City Library is now launching a Facebook Page. How exciting is that? us on Facebook!  There are many other paths to get the library.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
     Did you know that October 20, 1803 was the date the U.S. Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase?  The Louisiana purchase agreement began in January of 1803 when James Monroe and Robert Livingston were nominated to negotiate the purchase of New Orleans from the French.  A surprising turn of events took place when the French wanted to  include in the purchase the entire area called the Louisiana Territory.  In Paris, on April 30, 1803, Livingston and Monroe signed the purchase treaty.  At the cost of 15 million, the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States.  Thomas Jefferson did not announce the purchase until July 4, 1803, political popularity was important even then. The formal transfer of the property took place on December 20, 1803 when the French flag was lowered in New Orleans. The United States paid approximately three cents per acre in this purchase but some Americans were still not happy with it since  the U.S. did not have the money for the purchase and had to borrow from two European banks at a rate of 6%.  Not only did the U.S. not have funds but it is said that James Monroe had to sell his personal porcelain and silver to afford the passage to France for negotiations. The Louisiana Purchase was the crowning achievement of Thomas Jefferson's Presidency and in our day we could not imagine what our country would be without the opportunity to move west. 
   History is amazing! Library patrons can now search the Junior Non-Fiction books on the online library card catalog! We have dusted off a large number of books in every category and for every interest.  Don't forget the South Dakota books, we have a South Dakota shelf for the young readers as well as our Bob Amerson collection that includes the collection donated by Mr. Amerson as well as South Dakota Magazines from 1985 and new additions from South Dakota authors. South Dakota is a great place to be! Visit it the Library.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

What's Up at the Library?

      Too wet to go out, too cold to play ball, why do you sit there with nothing at all?  You could be at the library in a comfortable chair reading your favorite book or magazine?  The  library is a fun family  friendly source of entertainment.  Adults will enjoy the "New Book" shelves with all of the recently purchased materials on display and for check out. New materials arrive weekly and patrons won't have to look long to find something new to read.  Additionally, the library also houses more than 1,200 DVD movies, audio books and we can even dust off some VHS tapes if they are to you liking.  High School students book choices are located in their own almost adult area with titles from popular authors such as Holly Black, Kiersten White, Veronic Roth and many more.  Middle School students have their own area as well with many great series that are popular with their young piers.  The younger children will find an enormous amount of materials to cover beginning readers and up.  The Jr picture book area is kid friendly with new additions weekly, the Jr. chapter books are divided into subgroups to assist children in finding just the right book. If all those things are not enough the library  also offers free WiFi, five desktop computers for patron use, free e-book down loads and access to a variety to electronic resources from the  South Dakota State Library. All these are offered here at our local library just a few blocks from everyone in Clear Lake.  And that's not all, oh no..that's not all...these offerings are free!  You see there is no reason to sit and do nothing at all.  The weather does not affect us the library.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

What's Up at the Library

     Just a reminder that the Clear Lake City Library will be closed on Friday October 5th and Monday October 8th.  We will resume our normal schedule on Wednesday October 10th.
     Fall is in the air! Cooler nights and the end of summer work is a great reason to visit the library and make your winter reading and movie list.  Clear Lake City Library has over 1,200 DVD movies as well as books from every genre.  The online card catalog makes it easy to find  a movie or  book. You may access the online card catalog by clicking on the Card Catalog tab on the library blog at Don't like using the web, please stop in and we would be glad to assist you in finding  that favorite movie.  But please don't stop there!  The library has more than 15,000 holdings that include not only DVD movies but also fiction, and nonfiction titles for every reading level and interest in you home.  New releases and materials are added weekly, so make it a point to stop in and see what your local library has to offer.  There is something for everyone the library.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    What's Up at the Library?

     Fall seems to be a busy time for all and library staff are busy too.  Recently, we discovered a scheduling conflict that was not able to be resolved.  A two staff office is great until we both need to be gone at the same time and it is happening October 5th and 8th.  We are sorry to announce that the Library will be closed on both of those days.  We will resume our normal schedule on October 10th.  The library is normally open from 12:00pm to 8:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Thursdays and Fridays.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that it is not the normal course of events.
     The library would like to announce the arrival of a new book by E. A. Owen.  Owen currently lives in Astoria, SD and donated her first book Bad Blood to the Clear Lake City Library.  The author describes this book as "a tale that that will both  horrify you and pull at your heart strings."  Bad Blood is available for check out at the Clear Lake City Library.
      We are happy to announce that the switch over for e-book readers went smoothly, and those who did not have a new card came in and  updated their information without much interruption.  Just a reminder - your new library card will expire one year from the date you first got it.  You may renew your card during a 30 day period prior to it expiring.  The new card holders will begin expiring the month of January.  
     Fall is in the air, stop in to the library to check out our new book shelf as well as the fall decor which makes one contented to be the library.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

What's up at the Library?
     Library School has officially started. Seven children attended and we began our learning with the first of six good reader rules: Read you books right side up and from front to back.  The children are also compiling a top ten list of things one should never, never, ever, ever do with a library book.  Number ten: Never step on a library book.  All the  children were in agreement that this was something that should never happen to a book. Be on the look out in the Clear Lake Courier and on our blog for the continued list. Library School is held the 2nd and 4th Mondays of most months from 1:30 to 2:30.  Children from ages 3 to 5 are welcome to attend.  There is no fee and parents are encouraged to join their children. There is a schedule available at the library and on our blog,, Outlining exact dates. Contact the library at 874-2013 or just show up if you would like your child to participate.
    The library will be closed October 8, 2018, Native American Day, please note that there will not be Library School that day. Additionally, library staff would like to remind the community that we are still available to offer a sign language class at the library.  Our first week came and went and although we had several who were interested we did not get the word out soon enough.  Sign Language will still be held, but we would like patrons to help determine a workable schedule for all.  Please call Clear Lake City Library at 874-2013 to discuss the possibilities.  There is always something to learn the library.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
    School has begun!  The library staff would like to remind students and parents that we have a vast selection of Accelerated Reader books as well as the most popular books for readers of all ages.  The library is a great place to complete homework and school projects.  Students may take advantage of free WiFi and work on school projects while relaxing on the comfortable couch or utilizing a work table. 
     Beginning September 10th, the library will be offering an introductory sign language class as well as another year of library school for preschoolers.  If you are interested in joining either group please contact the library at  874-2013.  
     The e-book switch over is complete.  Things went pretty smoothly for patrons who got the new cards ahead of time.  If you still have not updated you library card, please come in to the library and update your information.  Remember that your new library card expires one year from the date that you received you new library card.  You will need to renew your card at that time to continue to check books out and utilize the South Dakota Titles to Go e-books. Things are getting up-to-date the library.