Monday, September 20, 2021


     Fall is just around the corner. This is  a great time to begin making your reading list for the winter months.  The shelves at your local small-town library are always being updated and newly  released books, audio CDs and DVD movies are being added for your enjoyment.  .  Clear Lake City library was awarded a generous grant this summer and nearly half of the money will be used to purchase large print books and audio books. Our readers are urged to make their requests known, so we can make informed decisions on what to put on the shelves

     We are continuing the Rodeo theme at the library this week.  Thursday evening at 6:30pm we will be hosting Cowboy Campfire Story Time.  Children can come to the library for a read aloud story with Jaden and get their old-time photo take in the hall. Friday is a Funday Rodeo at the library from 2-4pm and children of all ages are invited to come and take part.

     Our Young Writers books are getting polished and ordered.  We are excited to share them with the public.  The open house will be held mid-October.  Keep your eyes open for your invite.  We are always trying to keep you coming back here…to the library.

Monday, September 13, 2021


     Howdy, Clear Lake City Library is heading lickety split in to the second week of our Cowboy Rodeo month.  This week we will be starting Library School for preschool children.  We expect to have a hog-killing time on Thursday at 2:00 pm as the little cowpokes gather for a tall tale from the wobblin’ jaw of our librarian, as well as cowboy crafts and some good down to earth cowboy time.  Thursday evening at 6:30pm our library staff will also share more Taradiddles around our campfire. We look forward to seeing ya’ll there to yarn the hours away at the library.

     The children are having fun at the library, but don’t forget our library also has much to offer all ages in our community.  Clear Lake City Library is home to many volumes of favorite and new release books for every age group.  We also have an increasing number of audio books as well as DVDs.  In addition to literary and viewing materials our library has portable DVD  and CD players, digital and slide projectors as well as many other pieces of equipment available for check out.  We have a well-stocked project room, and we are willing to share many of the materials with our patrons.  Students are welcome to come to the library to work on projects and utilize library equipment and materials.  For those who are interested in information via the world wide web The South Dakota State Library generously gives us access to many electronic resources.   Stop in and visit with us about how we can assist you.  We are always available to help you explore here…at the library.


Friday, September 3, 2021


Howdy! The Clear Lake City Library has been quiet as a mouse lately. You know why? Because the librarian has been getting the library in apple pie order for our exciting autumn activities. Get your western wear in order, because during the month of  September, the Clear Lake City Library will become the Clear Lake City Reading Ranch - Yeehaw!

Beginning on September 9th, campfire story times will be held on Thursdays at 6:30. Come prepared to spin your favorite cowboy yarn!

The cowboy creative writing contest will begin on September 9th.  Young people are invited to scribble a poem or tall tale about horses, cowboys, or anything western. Here are some ideas: Why are horses’ great pets? What would you do if you saw a purple horse? Why I want/don’t want to be a cowboy/cowgirl.

There will be a western drawing contest as well. Bring in your best horse, cactus, and western drawings for display at the library.  You can submit your creations anytime during the month of September. Submissions will be judged, and prizes awarded.

On Friday, September 24th, we will be hosting our first ever library rodeo. Come to the library from 2-4 to take part in cowboy crafts, an old west photo booth, and ranch games. Extra points will be given for those who come ragged in their top-notch cowboy garb.  We are going to have a hog killin’ time…here at the Clear Lake City Reading Ranch.

Monday, August 30, 2021


       Hello September!  I find it a bit ironic that in June we never think we are going to get any tomatoes out of our garden, but in September we can’t wait for it to be done and have a break from the work.  At the library the year consists of events and seasons.  August is generally a catch your breath month following the busy and sometime chaotic annual Summer Reading Program. Beginning this year, we will have a back-to-school themed event for the month of September.  This year we are doing a rodeo/horse theme.  We are excited to begin Thursday evenings Campfire Story Time. This event will  begin on September 9th at 6:30 pm. All Books pertaining to our theme will be out for display or easy reach for those interested.  We will also be asking for children and young people of all ages to submit art, writing and poetry projects to the library to display.  These projects will be judged, and prizes will be awarded.  Additionally, on Friday September 24 the library will be hosting a Cowboy Friday Funday.  Children of all ages will be welcome to the library for campfire read aloud,  Cowboy writing and poetry,  and Western art classes!  Please stay tuned for times for events.  The library is grateful for Deuel School Senior Jaden Martinell who is doing her Senior Project at the library.  The children love to listen to her tell stories and we can’t wait for our Cowboy Friday Funday!

     Also happening this fall we will be presenting our Young Writers book projects for viewing.  We have ordered five of the eleven books and we can’t wait to see them.  The library will have a Meet the Author Open House for the public to see the works of our talented young authors/illustrators. This young writer’s class was made possible through donations from local businesses and individuals as well as a mini grant from Thrivent.  Another fun thing we could not do without the help of our community.

    Clear Lake City Library was awarded the American Rescue Plan Act stimulus grant in the amount of $10,000.  We have begun making purchases for our library.  We will be replacing a computer that has recently crashed as well as adding a staff computer.  We can also now replace a monochrome copier that needs repair with a new MFC color printer.  The grant also provides an iPad for patron use as well as a large print keyboard and a special mouse  for those with limited abilities.  The best part of the grant is the monies that will be used for large print and Audio books.  We are always looking to better serve you here…at the library.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Summer is Over!!!!



Greetings from the Clear Lake City Library.  I think Summer may be officially at a close. School is starting next week, the weather is getting slightly cooler, and Walmart has put out the Halloween Candy.  The library is ready for Autumn, and for the exciting activities we have planned for it!  This fall, the Summer Writers Group will be hosting an open house, where the public can meet the authors and read their books. There is also a Cowboy Poem Contest and Western Fun-day in the works as well.

Due to sickness, we have been unable to determine our winners for the Summer Reading Contest. We are planning to announce the names on Wednesday, August 11. Please stay posted for results.  We appreciate your patience. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Time Flies When You're Having Fun


                Do you remember the adage “Time flies when you’re having fun?” That’s exactly what has been happening at the library this summer! Summer Reading is flying by, and we are already on the final week. Our local youth have read 49,069 minutes so far - that’s over one month of solid reading.  Parents and children can continue to log reading until July 31st. During the first week of August, we will announce our winners and distribute grand prizes to the lucky individuals!  

                Our final Summer Reading Story Times will be Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00, and there will be crafts and activities available all week at the library.  On Wednesday, our writers’ group will meet for one last time to finish up their books. Stay tuned, later this fall, the writers will be having an open house to show off their penned creations!

Don’t forget, your children should keep reading and learning even if the Summer Reading Program is over. They can learn, read, and have fun…here at the library. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Summer Doldrums


We’ve officially reached the doldrums of summer. You’re feeling slow and indifferent. You know you should be doing laundry and freezing green beans, but it’s too hot and you don’t feel motivated to do anything…except maybe read.  That’s where we come in. The Clear Lake City Library is full of books – books of every genre imaginable!  We encourage you to sit back and relax with your favorite author, the laundry and green beans will be there when your book is finished.

                The library is feeling the Summer Doldrums as well. Our Summer Reading Program is nearing its end, the last day for logging reading is July 31st.  The summer writing group will be meeting for the last time on July 28th.  We will continue having story time every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 until the end of July. Bring your kiddos, make a craft, check out a stack of books, and combat the Summer Doldrums with reading…here at the library.