Thursday, April 19, 2018

What's Up at the Library?

  Sunshine is up! Spring is finally here and we are planning the summer reading program. By the time you read this article we will have had summer rec sign up and parents were encouraged to sign up their children for the summer reading program the same day.  If you were unable to make the sign up you can contact Pam or Patti at the Library to see if there is any openings left for the summer reading program.  The dates for the summer reading program are the 14th and 21st of June from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  Summer Reading programs sessions are open to students going into kindergarten to the third grade. We are limited to 24 kids per session.  Additionally, we will continue with the book-a-day club and encourage all students to get a calendar. When you have filled your calendar for the month you may turn it in and pick from the treasure chest.
     The new bookcase now installed in the children's area. We are thankful to the Kiwanis for their generous donation to assist in furnishing the library  with the new bookshelf.  After some research and disappointing shipping fees it was decided to have Rich from R-N-C cabinets of Clear Lake build the bookshelf.  It is beautiful, and we are so excited to fill it up!  This bookshelf will be home to non-fiction books geared  toward children third grade and down.  This means lots of great pictures and not too many big words. This will be a favorite place for all those dinosaur lovers as well as our future scientists. There is always more than one way to grow the library

Thursday, April 12, 2018

What's Up at the Library
      Spring is coming, right?  On the bright side of things we can see our delayed spring as a lesson in  patience and know that we are gaining every day. Climate change or no climate change spring and summer will come and we can do nothing but wait...patiently.  While you are waiting the library is a great place to improve you lot in life.  New books books coming in weekly, including adult selections from David Baldacci, Mary Connealy, Susan Meissner, and Tricia Goyer.  The high school, middle school and children's areas have some great new titles as well. The third  book of  The Hundredth Queen series by Emily R. King as well as Cinda Williams new addition to the Shattered Realms series are in at the High School shelf.  In the Middle School area we have began two new series by Dan Gutman entitled The Genius Files and Flashback Four. The children's area is growing as well, the new bookshelf was moved in on Friday April 13th and we will soon be moving reader leveled non fiction books to that area. We have also added new titles from popular children's authors David Shannon, Mac Barnett, Jan Brett, and Sonya Wimmer.  There is always something new the library.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's Up at the Library?

     We know spring is coming. Since it hasn't yet arrived I thought it a good time to discuss more of the electronic resources available to our library patrons from the South Dakota State Library.  As I have discussed in past articles there are a great number of free resources in many different subject areas.  Anything from car repair, foreign language learning, elementary learning to college and career preparation can be accessed through the state library system.  Today I would like to highlight the Get Crankin' resource put out by Chilton.  The Chilton Library offers Repair, maintenance and service information for thousands of domestic and imported car, truck, van and SUV models from 1940 to the present. Not only can you view a schedule for maintenance but additionally there is a maintenance and recall bulletins as well as technical service bulletins to keep you up to date on automobile concerns.  Automotive students can enhance their study by utilizing the ASE test prep quizzes. This is great information for those of yo who like to get a bit greasy.
     For students working on those end of the year research projects the South Dakota State Library electronic resource page has an abundance of research information. One of which is the Gale virtual Reference library which offers reference books for all ages in topic areas such as health, history, government and science just to name a few.  We would be happy help you locate the information that is relevant to you needs. Knowledge is limitless the library.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

What's Up at the Library?

What's Up at the Library?
     The sun is shining, the water is running, and before we know it the snow will be gone...for the time being anyway. We can get excited now for spring weather and the Great American Night Crawler Migration.  If you are not familiar with the the Great American Night Crawler Migration just wait a couple of weeks and you'll understand.
    We are busy with our own spring changes here at the library.  The Library School children finished their snowman books and we completed this years Library School with the reading of The Bad Seed,  a new addition to our library. Jory John's story about a bad sunflower seed helped the children understand that they have a choice to be kind and happy or mean and grumpy.  Library School has now ended for this season, we will continue with a story time at 1:30 on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. Parents and caregivers are invited to bring children for a story with library staff and coloring activity with parent supervision to follow.  We will resume Library School in the fall for four and five year old children.   We will be continuing the "Book a Day" program throughout the summer.  Children can pick up a calendar at the library. It is simple just read.  When you finish your calendar stop in and choose from the treasure chest. Students who are reading chapter books can mark calendar by each chapter they read.
    Have you checked out the electronic resources available to our patrons through the South Dakota State Library?  If you need any help accessing them please feel free to stop in and we can help show you around.  It is always easy to find help the library.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

  What's Up at the Library?

    I recently noticed the cover of a magazine that listed the articles within. Although I do not recall the name of the magazine, the article that caught my eye said something to the effect of  "Are Libraries a thing of the past?"  I chuckled to myself and walked past not having the time nor the inclination to read about the possible demise of the public library system.  Since that time I have thought about the children who come to library school to learn about the library and listen to the spoken word in the form of a story, about the elementary children who come looking for just the right book that is "AR", because they only have a week to go, about middle age people who know all the new releases and come to see if they are in yet, and about the family and spouses of our older generations who come for just the right book for that older person who needs something to occupy the mind and I know the library is not dead.  
     The written word is not the only resource in our library.  We encourage our patrons who use the internet to go online and view our blog spot and links to the South Dakota State Library.  Through the South Dakota State Library web site our patrons can find information in many forms and for all ages. One resource I spent a little time on this week is called "BookFlix".  This is a fun way to strengthen reading skills in your early reader.  Bookflix is interactive and includes lesson plans for parent and teacher.  Parents interested in learning more about reading resources are welcome to stop in and I would love to give you a tour.  We are still the library

Thursday, March 8, 2018

What's up at the library?

     Spring is coming and library staff are looking forward to the change of weather especially after our recent snow storm.  Library staff are also excited about some changes that will be taking place here at the library!  We are getting ready for the new bookshelves in the children's area, as you may recall the local Kiwanis Club gifted the library money for a new bookcase in the beginning of the year and we are in the process of completing that project now.  We also have many other projects in the works, including the summer reading program, planning some education programs for the fall and of course we are still inputting books into the new automation system.   
    Recently we have had several requests for Deuel School, or older Clear Lake School year books.  Being the project minded people we are, this got us thinking... and this would be another great project to start.  Local year books would be a great addition to our library!  To get this project started we need your help. If you have old annuals or year books and have no use of them we would gladly take them off your hands.  Donations can be dropped off at the library during open hours, dropped in the book drop with a note, or even leave them by the door. Year books would be a great source for those of you who like to research genealogy as well as great way to reminisce about the past. Remember research only gets easier the library.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
     It has been an eventful week here at the library. Thankfully the snow stopped and it has warmed least today, knowing  by the time you read this we will have had snow and possibly rain. We know that March is a month of change and the weather will be steadily moving toward spring.  The Library School children continued to write their story this week about snowmen and listened to a story entitled "A Snowman Named Just Bob" by Mark Kimball Moulton.  They also enjoyed a "paper plate story" about a snowman sledding.  If you have not seen a paper plate story feel free to stop at the library and we can demonstrate.
     The children had been gone for only  a few minutes on Monday, February 26th and David Bradford from the South Dakota State Library came for a visit, David is the Digital Resource Coordinator for the library. We were grateful for his visit and the refresher on what services and resources our patrons can access through the South Dakota State Library. Wow! What a list, we are  so excited to share this with our patrons.  I am very excited about having "World Book" at my finger tips and I don't have to dust or update.  Also available is a language program called Pronunciator, where you many learn to speak one of 80 languages, or more if you are motivated to do so.  These services are free for our patrons, virtual tours are available the library