Thursday, December 13, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
     The library staff would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.  It is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas with all the festivities of the holiday season. As you spread a little Christmas cheer this season we would encourage you to season it with a bit of holiday traditions that are often overlooked. Starting with the Christmas wreath, did you know that the circular shape represents eternity and wreaths hung on doors or in windows are a symbolic invitation for the spirit of Christmas to fill our homes with the joy of the season?  We can also easily see the shape of the candy cane as the crook of the staff the shepherds carried when they visited baby Jesus. The shepherds used the staff to gently lead the sheep to food or water and keep them from danger.  Christmas lights and candles remind us of the true source of  all light and that Jesus Christ is the light of the world.  For centuries candles have brought brightness and warmth into the Christmas season. These are only a few Christmas symbols and traditions that are part of our holiday experience.  Find some time this year to research holiday traditions you hold near, the library.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

What's up at the Library?

     The tree is up, the lights are hung and the library is looking very festive.  The holiday season is a great time to search the library shelves for holiday reading.  The library is home to modern holiday stories as well as those old classics and collections of short stories just for the holidays.  Make Christmas reading a tradition in you home. For those of you who would rather watch a movie the library has a large collection of your favorite holiday movies including oldies such as "White Christmas" and "It's a  wonderful life" or the recent Disney Christmas movies.   The library has something to offer every interest.
     The library staff would like to remind patrons that library cards will need to be updated beginning the first of the year.  Library cards will expire one year from the date you received your new card and annually there after.  Updating you information is quick and painless. Library cards are free to residents of Clear Lake.  The patrons who do not reside in the city proper will be charged a $10.00 annual fee for the next year.  That works out to be less than 5 cents per day.  Library card holders receive access to all library literary holdings, audio books, DVD movie rentals, as well as newspaper and magazines.  Additionally, patrons can use their library cards to access e-books through SD Titles To Go and all the electronic resources the South Dakota State Library has to offer.  That all adds up to many hours of enjoyment.  There is always something for you the library.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
     Christmas is in the air.  We humans are hustling and bustling from here to there and from there to here, double checking our list and making every effort to think of even the littlest details with the hope that this holiday season will be one to remember.  All that can be exhausting and a bit overwhelming.  The library staff would like to invite you to the library for a bit of rest and relaxation.  While you are here at the library you can sit back in the recliner or comfortable sofa and look at the latest newspapers, magazines or simply enjoy the holiday decor while you check your email.  The Clear Lake City Library offers reading materials from every genre and over 1000 DVD movies for check out.  Library card holders not only have access to all Clear Lake Library holdings but also e-books from the South Dakota Titles To Go and a variety of online electronic resources from the South Dakota State Library. We invite you to come and enjoy a little Christmas Cheer the library.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
      Thanksgiving is just around the corner and winter weather is sneaking in.  When winter weather disrupts your entertainment plans remember the Clear Lake City Library rarely closes.  The library is home to  over 1,200 movies available for check out, as well as audio books,  many popular magazines and of course books to suit every interest. Additionally, the library has five desk top computers and free WiFi. Library hours are Monday and Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 8:00pm  and Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. When winter weather disrupts you plans we would love to see you the library.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

What's Up at the Library?

     November has been busy and full of activity. With the elections over and Thanksgiving coming just around the corner I would also like to highlight another special day in November that escapes the notice of most news media. The second Tuesday of November has been designated as Young Readers Day. This designation took place in 1989 and was co-founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.  The creators believed that reading can open up a child's life to limitless knowledge, information, success and happiness and we do too! Clear Lake City Library would like to encourage young readers to spend time each day reading.  Reading does not need to be limited to something you do at  school. Reading for the pure pleasure can be satisfying as well as educational. Bring your young reader to the library and open a whole new world of books to them.
     We are on Facebook! You can follow us @clearlakebooks. We will be posting upcoming events as well as library news, favorite books, and new items.  Like us on Facebook and see what's up the library.

Friday, November 2, 2018

What's Up at the Library?

     The past couple of weeks has been all about the children!  Library School met October 22nd, the children enjoyed fall activities and stories.  Each child took home a small pumpkin, thanks to Gary and Sue Dejong.  The children especially enjoyed the picture of the pumpkin that grew in the fence, we decided it looked like a little old man!  We can't forget the huge number of children and parents who came by the library on Halloween. You can check the pictures out on our Facebook page.
    I am also very excited to announce that  the Children's non-fiction areas are finished! All the books have been sorted and input in the library system! The children's non-fiction books are divided into two separate areas. The bookcase in the younger children's area houses books for young readers. This means fewer words and lots of pictures as well as topics that are relevant to their age group.   The remainder of the non-fiction books are in the same area, but now there is a little more room.  All the non-fiction books can be searched for on the the online card catalog by title, author or subject. Research made easy.  
     The Adult non-fiction area is about half done and the South Dakota collection will be next.   We can see the end of this project and now are beginning to look onward to the next. Check the library out on Facebook and in person, you don't want to miss out on plans the library.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

What's Up at the Library?
          Library staff have been busy inputting non-fiction books in our library system.  We have input over 16,000 books and are still excited by what we find.  The non-fiction areas contain a great variety of current materials.We have been amazed at the holdings our library has.  Our goal is to get all the materials in our system and arranged so patrons can locate them easily.  Once we have organized and input the books we will determine what materials will be purchased to keep library materials up to date and beneficial to patrons.
         Did you know that  The War of the Worlds radio drama was performed  on the American radio drama anthology series "The Mercury Theater on the Air" on October 30, 1938?  The drama was aired over  the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Orson Welles directed and narrated the  adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel "The War of the Worlds" which was written in 1898.  The mass panic that was allegedly caused by the radio show has been disputed since the show had relatively few listeners.  Because the adapted drama simulated live newscasts of developing events, and the radio show  was without commercial interruptions listeners who tuned in after the initial introduction missed the clear statement that the program was a drama. To escalate matters, Howard Koch, the man who adapted the novel for radio, changed the setting from 19th century England to contemporary United States, with the Martian Spacecraft landing in  rural Grover's Mill, an unincorporated village in New Jersey.   Many believe the mass panic the ensued was due to media exploits, mostly printed news and many people do not recall that there was any panic. Mass chaos or not the library does have several novels by H. G. Wells including "The War of the Worlds" available for check out.  There is always some excitement to find the library.