Friday, August 18, 2017


 What an exciting week!  Beginning with "Hot Dog Days" on the 18th, then the eclipse on Monday 21st, and  school starting Tuesday many are ready for the coming of autumn and a slower pace.  Unless of course you have a child or two involved in extra curricular activities you may be looking forward to that first blizzard...did I really say that?  Well anyway, time is marching on for everyone at the same pace and it is up to each to fill their days with the meaningful activities of life.  The library has many new or old books that would perfectly fit your need of a little down time! The adult new shelf includes titles from Baldacci, Child, Coben, Flynn, Patterson, just to name a few, as well as many popular authors in the christian fiction area.  The children's, middle school and high school areas have many popular titles as well.  The library also has an abundance of books that are on the  Accelerated Reader list, we encourage students to keep on top of their points to avoid the last minute crunch each quarter.  In addition to books the library has many other amenities patrons can take advantage of including six computer stations, free WiFi, and a comfortable and quiet place to do school work or read.  The library staff can also make you copies or do small laminating projects while you read the Clear Lake Courier.
     The online card catalog is up and running!  The future holds the promise of the patron side of the system which will allow patrons to track their reading habits and make book lists.  Library staff would love to give you demonstration on how the new card catalog works, the library

Friday, August 11, 2017

      Book finding is getting easier at the Clear Lake City Library!!  We have completed the data for nearly 7000 books on the new on-line card catalog - OPAC.  The new card catalog is available for patron use either on the computers in the library or on our website from your own device! We still have many books to add to the online system, but are excited to begin using it.  This will be a great way to look for new titles.  To locate the online card catalog just go to, click the card catalog tab, then click on the words card catalog next to the red arrows.  This will bring you to the OPAC home screen. We have not began the patron registration yet, therefor you will not be able to log in, but you can still search from this page.  Once you have searched a author, title or subject a list of matches will come up.  Note that you will be able to look at e-books that match your search as well.  You can now down load e-books from here, simply use the same library number yo have been using.  Have fun, there are many extras we will be sharing as we learn them ourselves.

     Just another quick update on reading club for students.  We will continue a "book a day" or "chapter a day" club for all students.  Pick up a reading log at the library  and just read.  Students may bring their logs into the library and pick from the treasure chest or book closet for every 6 books or 6 chapters read. We would be pleased to assist students in finding AR books as well as other good books to read.  There is always something new the library.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Coming Soon!

     Have you made plans to watch the eclipse?  According to the American Astronomical Society everyone in the the continental United States live within a one to two day drive of the eclipse path. The A.A.S. offers a few pointers for those who want to experience the eclipse at its fullest. First you should try to get as close to the center of the 70 mile wide path.  The North American path begins on the Northwest and ends in the South East. The totality of the eclipse lasts longer toward the center of the path. The center of the path runs through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. But don't be discouraged, the difference is only about 40 seconds, and if you choose the closest place to Clear Lake you would end up somewhere in Nebraska and the total eclipse will last about  two minutes and thirty seconds.  Even though the total eclipse lasts only two and a half minutes, it is important to note the entire eclipse, from when the moon takes the first bite out of the sun to when it uncovers the last part of the sun lasts nearly two and a half hours. Finally, the last variable is one that is out of human control, the likelihood of clear skies.  If you have made plans to watch the eclipse we hope your experience will be worth the trip.  The next total eclipse to cross the continental United States will not occur again until 2024.
     The library would like to thank all those local people who make financial donations to the library as well as those who make donations of books.  All the donations help the library to increase their holdings as well as sponsoring library programs. There are several local residents who make it a regular habit of thinking of the library.
     With school starting soon the library will continue to challenge students from the Deuel School as well as other students who utilize the library to read. The challenge for younger students will be "A Book a Day"  and for older students reading chapter books "A Chapter a Day".  Students can pick up a reading log at the library and document their reading then choose from the treasure chest or book cupboard every time they read six books or chapters!  There is always something going on the library.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

   Wow! Where has the summer gone?  We have been planning story hour for a day care and actually used the words.."when school starts".  It seems that we just watched the lettuce and cucumbers sprout and now we are counting jars to make sure we will have enough for the abundant crop of tomatoes. We are making plans for fall activities here at the library and wanted to remind library patrons of what Clear Lake City Library has to offer.  Your local library has books, books and more books as well as more than 15 magazine and newsletters, audio books and DVDs.  Additionally, the library offers free WiFi and has six desk top computers for patron use. The library is open 24 hours per week 12:00pm to 8:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and 4:00pm to 8:00pm Thursday and Fridays.  The hours are always listed on the door of the city building as well as published every week in the What's Up section in the Clear Lake Courier.  Library card holders can check out all books, audio books, and past magazines for a two week period and all movies are available for one week. Library staff are always willing to renew books when you need, just call 874-2013.
     What? You don't have a library card yet, or you can't remember when you last used your card.  We can fix that quick.  For new cards library staff need to see one form of identification and some thing that proves you are a Clear Lake resident (your water bill is perfect) we will ask for a current telephone number and it is finished. There is no charge for library cards if you live in the city proper.  If you live out of the city limits there is a $10.00 per year fee, that is less than three cents per day!  You can not rent a movie for that!   If you think you may have a number and don't know what it is  we can fix that too, just stop into the the library. Neither procedure will be painful!  The automation process is still moving forward, and we are very excited to get the patron part up and running.  There is always something new the library.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What's Up at the Library

     Independence Day 2017 is now history and there are no major holidays in the immediate future, but there are always many national days designated to honor specific subjects of interest. Some of these are serious, some are just plain silly and many just fall into a category to which many would just say, hum... I didn't know that. Take for instance National Lollipop Day celebrated July 20, 2017. Did you know that lollipops may have been around since the prehistoric era? Scientists presume that humans of the past enjoyed honey on a stick as a sweet treat. Today we know that the lollipop was named after a race horse, Lolly Pop. George Smith the owner of a small American candy store and race horse fan came up with the name in the early 1900's. Celebrate Lollipop day on July 20th with your favorite lollipop.
Additionally July 11th is the birthday of another favorite children's author E. B. White. White authored the childhood favorite “Charlotte's Web” as well as “Stuart Little”, and “Trumpet of the Swans”. All three of these classics are read by elementary students and teachers each year and everywhere. White led a quiet life, and was rather shy. Prior to writing his children's novels, he wrote for The New Yorker and other literary groups, and only wrote children's books as a favor to his niece. We here at the Clear Lake City Library are glad he tried his hand at writing for children. Clear Lake City Library has all three of E. B. White's books and highly recommend them for read aloud. There is always a good book the library.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

  Independence  Day is now officially behind us and we move quickly on to the next item on our agenda for summer fun.  Did our ancestors move as quickly through their days and on to the next as we do?  It is important to remember the reasons we celebrate the holidays we do, and a little searching on the internet or in a good book can help us reach into the past to understand what our ancestors experienced. staff shared with internet readers a bit of the following history about the Fourth of July. Did you know that the tradition of Independence Day celebrations go all the way back to the 18th century and the American Revolution?  Also, because the Continental Congress voted in favor of Lee's resolution for independence on July 2nd and officially adopted it on July 4th, John Adams believed the correct date to celebrate the holiday should be held on July 2nd , he reportedly refused to to appear at July 4th events in protest.  Did you know John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4th, 1826?  Prior to the revolutionary years, colonists celebrated the birthday of the king by honoring him with bells, processions and speech making. The summer of 1776 celebrations symbolizing the end of the monarchy's hold included holding mock funerals for the king, and reading the Declaration of Independence.  Today the fourth of July holiday has become a time of leisure activities and an occasion for family gatherings. 
     As you move through your summer take time to look back, enjoy where you are and read a good book.  There is always something to learn the library.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

      Whoa..the  summer reading play sessions are finished! Library staff are some tired cowgirls.  The final week of the reading sessions has traditionally been a rodeo theme and this year we carried on with the tradition.  Children enjoyed the story "Why Cowboys sleep with Their Boots On" by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton, read by librarian Pam Taylor and then continued with decorating a cowboy hat and  participating in our own style of rodeo. All the children had a great time "Hooping a Horse", "Sliding a Shoe", "Dropping Snakes" and the first ever "Noodle Shoot". Some children even tried their hand at building a log cabin.   Following the games all the children enjoyed a cowboy dog and a cowboy cupcake!  The summer long reading challenge continues throughout June and July, children and young people are reminded to read and record books in the reading log, bring your log into the library and pick from the treasure chest.  


    The library will also be holding a book sale during the week of the local city wide rummage sales. The hours are as follows Wednesday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Thursday 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Friday 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  Stop in and support your local library and find a good book at the same time!  There is always something happening the library.