Friday, May 22, 2020

Read - Explore - Create at your Library

      Clear lake City Library's official start for the Summer Reading Program is June 8th.  Local business and community members were very generous, and we are excited to announce some great prizes for our readers who meet a reading goal of 125 pages each week and grand prizes for those who go above and beyond the expectations.  Prizes include a Fire Tablet, cordless earphones, sports bags, and gift cards for local businesses just to name a few.   Participants will be divided into two age groups: 3rd grade and under and 4th grade and above.  
         Participants will be required to document their reading and relay that information to the library.  Record sheets may be picked up at the library beginning the week of June 1.  Parents are encouraged to include their non-reading preschoolers as well, by recording the number of books/pages listened to when read by another.  Each participant’s reading data will be compiled at the end of Summer Reading. Grand prizes will be awarded to participants with the highest accumulated total number of pages read.
          Young writers will also enjoy the story writing class.  There is still room for a few story writers for the class offered on Thursdays at 3:00.  The class is designed for 4th grade and above, but if there is room, we will accept  younger students.  The students must be able to work independently and do some work outside of class time.  Students will be writing and illustrating their own story. 
          Along with the reading competition, there will be short story times and activities for children to do at the library.  Due to the recent pandemic the library is taking precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.  The library will have hand sanitizer and face masks available for patron use and request that all children wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before participating in activities.  The library will have activities for young patrons anytime during library hours, so if a scheduled activity is not on you radar participation is still possible. Please Check out our calendar of events on our website at, and the Clear Lake Courier.  The new normal is now the library.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Read - Explore - Create at Clear Lake City Library

     I have a difficult time viewing myself as old and certainly don't think of myself as a dog, but this  past week I did learned a new trick!  Understanding technology is a continuous process and like many others I never seem to completely grasp one idea before the next new one arrives.  Stepping out of my safety zone of knowledge can be overwhelming, but there is always something new to learn.  This past week I did learn something new and now the library patrons can take advantage of that!  I have installed the Librista app. on the online card catalog page so patrons may down load the app on their Apple or Android device and access our card catalog and log into their own account. The app is simple to use and is a direct line to our card catalog and your library account.  If your are interested in logging into your account please contact the library and we can get you set up.  For those of you who are not interested in technology don't worry, technology access is not required for everyone.  Library staff are still here to help you find just what you are looking for.
      Summer Reading begins officially the June 8th at our library.  We would like families and children to stop into the library the first week of June to pick up information and tour the library.  We do not require registration nor is there a limit on the number of children will serve, but we do need to get an idea of how many readers we will have and their age ranges. The Story Writing class will begin on June 11, 2020.  Please contact the library by Monday, June 8th to register for this class.  I do need an idea of how many children will be attending.  The Story Writing will initially be open for 4th grade and above, if there is room younger children can attend.  Story Writing will require the students to work independently and they may need to work outside of the class time.  There is no charge for Summer Reading and we will accommodation individual preferences on Social Distancing.  If you are interested in a Craft to Go bag please contact the library at 874-2013 and sign up.  There is something for young  and old the library.  

Monday, May 11, 2020

Read - Explore - Create at Clear Lake City Library


      Hello from the library!   We are excited to be open and welcome everyone to come in and enjoy our Summer Reading environment.  The Enchanted forest is open and ready for children to step into a world of Fairy Tales and Fantasy through their favorite book.  Complete with a castle and a few dragons the children will devour the books we have selected for summer reading as well as other favorite stories that enjoy a home at our library.  Because of social distancing the Summer Reading Program will take a new format this year, but we are excited that it will be centered around reading, exploring, and creating.  Each week children will be encouraged to either come to the library to complete the project for the week or pick up the "Craft to Go" bag, document the number of pages they read, and share with the library through Facebook or Instagram what they are doing at home.       
     We are working on finding volunteer readers who can come to the library and read stories to children in small groups or live on Facebook.  If you are interested in volunteering please call the library at 874-2013.  Children have a natural need to keep busy and immerse  themselves in a favorite hobby or activity.  We are hopeful that parents will find that the Summer Reading Program will help children not only to stay involved but also maintain or improve in their academic performance the coming school year.  And do not forget the treasure chest!  Children of all ages can earn rewards by reading and reporting to the library what they have read.  We will be announcing the full list of prizes prior to the start of Summer Reading.  Summer Reading will officially start June 8 and go through all of June and July.  We are always planning something the Library.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Read - Explore - Create and Celebrate!

           Let's celebrate!  The library is open to patrons!  We have continued to serve the public over this time of confinement, but now our patron's can come into the library and select their own materials.  We will still be taking phone orders and reserves through our online card catalog system if patrons prefer that service. We would like people to follow the social distancing guidelines and request that people stay home if they have an illness or symptoms of Covid-19.  We will continue to disinfect surfaces and materials and limiting shared activities in the library.  But YES, we are open for business!
             The library is also very excited about Summer Reading!  The library has been transformed into an enchanted forest. We are thankful for all the donations of materials, gift cards and funds to make this years Summer Reading a grand event.  We will be revealing the activities in the next couple of weeks and look forward to getting our young people excited about reading, writing and imagining their story.   It is always Cool the library.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Read - Explore - Create at Clear Lake City Library

     Imagination has gone wild at the Clear Lake City Library!  Emma put out a request for some greenery and coolers and with the help of Tammy Canaan the library is being transformed.  We are very thankful to those who supplied us with greenery, trees and coolers and cannot wait to welcome children and adults back into the library to enjoy our new atmosphere.  The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly made an impact on community life and assuredly everyone is ready to get back to a new kind of normal.  The library staff have continued to deliver books to the Good Samaritan Center and Hidewood Estates, but we sure do miss visiting with the residents each time we go.  Summer Reading Plans are getting cemented into place and we are looking forward to story time with the children.  Local businesses have been helping to stock our Summer Reading Treasure Chest with their donations and we are also looking forward to some new grant opportunities being made available due to  Covid-19.  Things are always moving forward the library.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Read - Explore - Create at Clear Lake City Library

  Hello from Clear Lake City Library!  We are still here providing library services even though our doors are locked. Some days I have a hard time keeping up with the emails and phone calls!  The circumstances are not what we would like, but I am glad to provide materials to those in our community.  If you are in need of reading materials, movies or audio books please feel free call, message or email the library with you requests. We will do all we can to continue to provide library services.  This week we have programmed our online Card Catalog system so our patrons can log in and reserve books.  This adjustment will make things easier for patrons to select the books they want, rather than relying on library staff to pick for them.  If you do not have log in information, please contact the library and we will set that up for you.  If you would rather not do the internet "thing" feel free to call and we will assist you via telephone.  
     These weeks of being closed has also allowed us time to transform the library into our summer reading theme.  We do not know what summer will bring as far as social distancing and Covid-19 but we will have Summer Reading regardless of those things.  Summer Reading is about reading, and we want to reach children and get them excited.  With the help of community businesses, we will be filling our treasure chest with reading incentives for all ages and are looking for a few Grand Prizes for children who go above and beyond reading expectations.  
     Emma has been busy choosing and organizing Summer Reading themed books, dusting off a few forgotten titles and creating the perfect atmosphere for our summer readers.  We are excited to welcome children back into the library to explore the shelves.  In case you have forgotten, we are still the library.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Read - Explore - Create at Clear Lake City Library

      The weather is changing - first from bad to good then from good to bad, the Covid-19 numbers change every day, the operation hours of local business change, but guess what hasn't changed...the library still has books and we are still getting new books.  The global pandemic has changed how the library delivers services, but it does not change the services we deliver.  Books of all manner and DVD movies are still available for check out.
     We are taking precautions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.  First, we are wiping most surfaces with disinfectant wipes, this is something we have always done. Some surfaces are not washable so all incoming items are placed on a table and left for a minimum of 48 hours.  The library has purchase book bags to put all check out materials into. Patrons can also place all returns in bags.  DVD movies can be put in the drop box, but please put them in a plastic bag that is tied shut.
     Patron wishing to check out materials can look at the online catalog and email us at or call the library at 874-2013.  If you do not have access to the internet, please call and we can help you choose.   We are working for you the library.